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Summary of our clinic

Hiroshi Ohguchi's dental clinic

Joint establishment, International dental implant center and International orthodontic center
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Dental implant, Orthodontics, False tooth, Esthetic dentistry, Care maintenance after the treatment
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The phone number is

〒500-81761-6 Kenchou Gifu-city Gifu-Prefecture

Office hours AM9:00-12:00 PM2:00-6:00

Closing the office Thursday and Sunday

Treatment idea

Feelings of the Ohguchi dental clinic
I offer the highest technique and the best materials

I aim at the doctor required to a patient than a doctor choosing a patient

To continue being a chosen dental clinic.
I do not forget own technical improvement every day.
I offer staff education, facilities to all of you in the best state.

At the Hirosi Ohguchi dental clinic, we study it every day to always offer dental treatment of the
highest standard.
The introduction of the highest dental chair of Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution Corporation

We offer the best treatment and service while having you relax in comfortable space.
Near Gifu Station, it is 17 minutes from Nagoya Station.
It is direct connection 57 minutes in Meitetu from Centrair(Chubu Centrair International Airport)!

A lot of patients from the suburbs and the outside the prefecture come for our clinic
Many of patients come for our clinic from the suburbs and the outside of the prefecture too.

Director greetings

The treatment that is 100%genuine by the treatment that was full of the soul.

The Japanese dental clinic gives dentistry that it is like repair and restoration now.
I want to get rid of such a treatment.

I want patients to change recognition.
You sharpen a tooth with a drill if you always find small cavities and receive treatment to pad the

You must not be satisfied with such a treatment.

I do not only revive health but also aim at the medical care of the restoration of health
reinforcement, to make health more.

I want to provide treatment of patient who wants to become healthier.
The treatment of strong-willed patient who wants to become healthier is worthwhile.

I provide the treatment that put a soul to each one of patient for ever.

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